How Your Household Waste is Increasing Without You Knowing

Ways You are Increasing Waste

  • How much planning (or research) you do prior to shopping
  • How many times you have purchased an ingredient for a recipe that you already had in the fridge or pantry, or that you purchased something at the grocery store just because it was on sale
  • How much waste is generated from plastic bags
  • Where products come from, how they are produced, and how they get to our grocery shelves
  • How products are packaged

How to Avoid Excess Waste

  • Shop locally
  • Research and recognize any environmental implications of your purchases
  • Take inventory of what you already have
  • Make a list and stick to it
  • Bring your own shopping bags
  • Try not to buy products that come in plastic packaging (an idea is to bring your own containers from home)
  • Donate/freeze leftovers
  • Compost food scraps



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