How to Be a Better Recycler

  1. Recycling saves energy — When you recycle your waste it saves a lot of energy because it cuts back on the mining, extracting, processing, and shipping of raw materials that make our everyday products. Recycled materials have already been processed from their raw form and simply need to be processed into another product. While recycling any reusable material saves energy, some materials save more energy than others. The most common materials to recycle include glass, aluminum, plastic, and paper.
  2. Recycling helps reduce landfills — When we recycle, we help keep things out of landfills. If we all recycled, our collective efforts could help significantly reduce the size of landfills.
  3. Recycling helps promote American jobs — In fact, recycling in the U.S. is a $236 billion a year industry. 1.1 million workers are employed throughout our country by the existing 56,000 plus recycling and reuse enterprises.
  4. Recycling helps preserve our planet’s precious natural resources — Recycling helps conserve key natural materials and protect important resources (some of which are non-renewable).
  5. Recycling can help you save money — When you recycle or repurpose old products, such as glass honey or jam jars, glass juice bottles, or aluminum coffee tins, you are not as dependent on new products and containers. This simple action can certainly help you cut some expenses.

1. Know what items belong in the recycling bin (and what items have special recycling requirements, i.e. batteries, printer ink, and electronics)

2. Avoid contamination at the recycling plant

3. Look for alternative solutions to items that cannot be recycled in your curbside bin

4. Purchase recycled products (and/or products that come in recycled packaging)

5. Don’t just recycle material waste, recycle food waste by composting



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