Best Low-Maintenance Houseplants

  • A reduction in stress levels — Having plants around tends to make us feel more comfortable and at ease.
  • A therapeutic feeling — Horticultural therapy is used in modern medicine to help boost happiness in people battling depression, anxiety, and a few other conditions.
  • A boost in productivity and creativity — According to a recent study, people who had plants in their workspaces took fewer sick days and were more productive on the job.
  • An enhanced outlook on work — Researchers conclude that natural elements help lower the effects of job stress and anxiety.
  • An improvement in air quality — Research done by NASA at the start of the 1980s illustrated that the roots and soil of houseplants reduced airborne volatile organic compounds significantly.

1. Neanthe Bella

2. Snake Plant

3. Pothos

4. Hoya

5. Air Plant



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